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About Tastes Like Music

We used to be Listography. But now we’re Tastes Like Music!

Created by Jason many years ago. We began as a simple YouTube channel where Jason would rank some of his favorite discographies from classic bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Rush as well as more contemporary artists like Dinosaur Jr. and Radiohead.

Sensing a need for change, Jason brought in two high school friends to create a new “Holy Trinity”. The new Listography featured lively back and forth between the three hosts and expanded video offerings, which included the popular Album of the Year series, as well as Top 10 songs and the highly controversial (and highly nonsensical) Side 3.

After finding success with the new format–and discovering there was already an unrelated Listography–the three decided a need for a rebrand was in order.

Tastes Like Music was born. And we’ve got big plans to conquer YouTube, establish our website and even sell some merch.

So, thanks for watching/reading/buying!

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