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Songs of the Year

Songs of the Year: 1972

Prog, glam, country rock, power pop, heavy metal, hard rock, folk; 1972 was a year of diverse styles and artists.



The seventies are just getting more seventiesier! The year is 1972 and we’re picking our favorite songs of the year.

It’s a simple concept. We pick five of our favorite songs that made the Billboard Top 100 (established in 1958) during any time that year. We also select five “wildcards” that can be any songs released as a single or on an album or EP that year. Finally, we also pick our “worst” song of the year, just for fun.

We started in 1958 and we’re going until we run out of years.

It’s 1972 here in Listography land and glam and prog are starting to bust out, along with Elton John and a free-from-Motown Stevie Wonder. Music is becoming more diverse with new styles, bands and instruments coming into the purview. What will our intrepid panel pick? For once, this year could really come down to the wire with three excellent choices from well-known artists. Who will take home the prize?

Anyway, watch the video. Vote on our songs. Leave your lists in the comments! And check back every week for a NEW episode and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share this post or this video on all your favorite social networks because lord knows we’ve earned it.

Standings So Far

Led Zeppelin took its rightful place at the top of the charts with Joe’s pick of When the Levee Breaks, which narrowly beat out Joni Mitchell’s River. Jason’s Graham Nash song did not do well.

Jason: 7.5
Joe: 6
Kramzer: 3.5


Which Was the Best Song of 1972?

  • All the Young Dudes - Mott the Hoople (45%, 76 Votes)
  • I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will Be Forever) - Stevie Wonder (28%, 47 Votes)
  • Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison (27%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 169

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Best Songs of the Year Playlist

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Worst Songs of the Year Playlist

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