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Setlist Draft

Setlist Draft: The Rolling Stones



Welcome back to Setlist Draft, our hit series which sees the TLM hosts draft songs from a well-known band in order to replicate a famous setlists… but with a twist.

Much like the NFL (or NBA, NHL, MLB, etc.) draft, each song exists as a single entity. If someone else picks, it’s unable to be chosen by another drafter. To determine the number of songs, including the encore (or encores), we will choose real-life famous concerts from that artist. As a further wrinkle, the drafters have to place the songs in the setlist when they draft them. So once it’s there, it’s official and cannot be moved around.

It’s Rolling Stones week, so for our third setlist draft we’ve chosen to structure the draft based on The Rolling Stones’ last tour, the Sixty Anniversary Tour from 2022.

That tour was named so because… you guessed it… it was the 60th anniversary of the Rolling Stones becoming a band.

For nearly the entirety of the tour, The Rolling Stones played 17 songs plus two encores, so that’s how we structured this draft.

TLM Rush Draft

Watch the video and then VOTE.

Which fictional The Rolling Stones setlist are you going with?

Who had the best The Rolling Stones setlist?

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