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Every Song on the 2022 Billboard Hot 100 End of Year Chart Ranked




Why would I do this to myself?

Because that’s the job. And I’m serious about it.

Against all odds, the Billboard Hot 100 end of the year chart for 2022 is actually… not that bad at the top. Praise be to our queen Kate Bush and Encanto for putting out some decent songs. Even Taylor and Harry came through with some bangers. The best part, less of the emo rap that has been haunting our youth for too long now. Maybe a positive sign of things to come?

The bad news is, at least 80% of this is garbage. And I grade on a curve.

If you’re really feeling masochistic, here’s the entire playlist, in Billboard order.

Back to my list.

Let’s start from the bottom.

100. Fancy Like – Walker Hayes / Billboard Rank: 35 / Rating: zero point zero

99. AA – Walker Hayes / Billboard Rank: 61 / Rating: 1

I’m not convinced that Walker Hayes isn’t an elaborate AI tasked with creating country songs for simple farmers… The people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

98. First Class – Jack Harlow / Billboard Rank: 6 / Rating: 1.3

Uh. Yeah. Huh.

97. Unholy – Sam Smith, Kim Petras / Billboard Rank: 98 / Rating: 1.4

Satan is slipping if this is the type of music he’s inspiring.

96. Broadway Girls – Lil Durk, Morgan Wallen / Billboard Rank: 6 / Rating: 1.4

Morgan Wallen sounds like Wes Scantlin trying to cover About a Girl.

95. Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran / Billboard Rank: 13 / Rating: 1.7

It was bad enough when we had to listen to this last year. It’s re-appearance here makes it even worse.

94. Super Gremlin – Kodak Black / Billboard Rank: 9 / Rating: 2

Damn, these rappers today have no flow. Of Course, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre couldn’t rescue this pablum.

93. Cold Heart – PNAU Remix – Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU / Billboard Rank: 10 / Rating: 2.3

Kudos to Elton John for staying relevant. But did you have to further destroy your legacy by using an unholy mix of Sacrifice, Rocket Man and Kiss the Bride to get back on the charts?

92. WAIT FOR U – Future ft. Drake & Tems / Billboard Rank: 11 / Rating: 2.4

Nothing to say about this snoozer. It has autotune vocals. It has Drake. It’s gonna make the Billboard Hot 100.

91. pushin P – Gunna, Future, Young Thug / Billboard Rank: 48 / Rating: 2.5

“Pushin P. I’m pushin P. I’m pusher P” is definitely one of the worst hooks ever.

90. You Proof – Morgan Wallen / Billboard Rank: 27 / Rating: 2.6

Is this really any better than Florida Georgia Line? I don’t think it really is. Buckle up because we got four more from Wallen to go.

89. Enemy – Imagine Dragons (with JID) / Billboard Rank: 14 / Rating: 2.8

A track by the band Imagine Dragons featuring a guest rap from JID made for a show about a popular battle arena video game. Need I say more? Do you need more proof of its transgressions against music? Fine.

88. Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj / Billboard Rank: 56 / Rating : 2.9

Or you could just listen to Super Freak.

87. Wasted on You – Morgan Wallen / Billboard Rank: 19 / Rating: 3.4

Would be better without the trap drums. But not a lot better. It’s Morgan Wallen, not insert a good country artist here.

86. PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ / Billboard Rank: 84 / Rating: 3.5

I must admit I’m curious what puffin on zootiez would constitute.

85. Buy Dirt – Jordan Davis, Luke Bryan / Billboard Rank: 49 / Rating: 3.7

There’s not a single original thought in this song.

84. Knife Talk – Drake, 21 Savage, Project Pat / Billboard Rank: 60 / Rating : 3.8

The bad Drake.

83. Shivers – Ed Sheeran / Billboard Rank: 5 / Rating: 3.9

As bad as it gets in the lyrics department. Ed gets worse and worse on every album. He’s really scraping the bottom of the “try to be seductive” barrel.

82. In a Minute – Lil Baby / Billboard Rank: 43 / Rating 3.9

I don’t get Lil Baby. And I hope I never do.

81. PROVENZA – KAROL G / Billboard Rank: 63 / Rating 3.9

If you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say it. Okay, the video for this song is pretty good.

80. Woman – Doja Cat / Billboard Rank: 21 / Rating 4

One of SEVEN tracks from Doja Cat. Tied for the most of any artist with Bad Bunny. The rest are better.

79. Titi Me Pregunto – Bad Bunny / Billboard Rank: 22 / Rating : 4.1

Sorry, Spanish speaking world but I do not like Bad Bunny very much, and this song sort of lays out why.

78. love nwantiti (ah ah ah) – CKay / Billboard Rank: 55 / Rating: 4.2

Autotuned vocals. Slightly smooth. Touch of latin rhythms. Yep, it’s a Top 100 hit.

77. Take My Name – Parmalee / Billboard Rank: 82 / Rating: 4.2

Not even lap steel guitar (my beloved) can save this song.

76. What Happened to Virgil – Lil Durk, Gunna / Billboard Rank: 83 / Rating: 4.3

Thank for nothing Tik Tok.

75. Party – Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro / Billboard Rank: 22 / Rating : 4.4


74. She Likes It – Russell Dickerson, Jake Scott / Billboard Rank: 91 / Rating: 4.4

Corny country shit.

73. MAMIII – Becky G, KAROL G / Billboard Rank: 59 / Rating: 4.4

Honestly the most interesting thing about this song is that both lead artists have G as a last initial.

72. Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny / Billboard Rank: 20 / Rating 4.5

I can change. I’m “with it.” I can learn to love a lot of things. Not sure if raggaeton is one of them.

71. abcdefu – GAYLE / Billboard Rank: 17 / Rating: 4.5

One of the worst choruses of the year.

70. Hrs & Hrs – Muni Long / Billboard Rank: 57 / Rating: 4.5

Ths sng scks smwht.

69. Efecto – Bad Bunny / Billboard Rank: 69 / Rating: 4.5

This guy is reproducing songs like a rabbit.

68. Vegas – Doja Cat / Billboard Rank: 47 / Rating 4.6

How many Doja Cats do we need on this chart.

67. I Ain’t Worried – OneRepublic / Billboard Rank: 37 / Rating: 4.7

Unlike Tom Cruise and Top Gun, OneRepublic did not deserve to have a comeback.

66. Moscow Mule – Bad Bunny / Billboard Rank: 44 / Rating: 4.8

Slightly less annoying Bad Bunny song.

65. 5 Foot 9 – Tyler Hubbard / Billboard Rank: 67 / Rating: 4.8

Quick, listen to this song and try to guess who the artist is without looking it up.


64. Rock and A Hard Place – Bailey Zimmerman / Billboard Rank: 70 / Rating: 4.9

Rough voiced male country singers is the new auto tuned emo rappers.

63. She Had Me at Heads Carolina – Cole Swindell / Billboard Rank: 46 / Rating: 4.9

Stereotypical nostalgia mining country song… because nobody in Nashville can come up with anything original.

“She’s a 90s country fan, like I am.”

You just described every single country music listener, Cole. That is not enough to base an entire relationship on!

62. Stay – The Kid Leroi feat. Justin Bieber / Billboard Rank: 3 / Rating: 5

Not bad musically. But these are two of the lamest artists in the pop sphere and I refuse to reward their years of badness.

61. Heat Wave – Glass Animals / Billboard Rank: 1 / Rating: 5.2

How did this song defeat Harry Styles… who seemingly spent the entire year at No. 1?

60. Fall in Love – Bailey Zimmerman / Billboard Rank: 54 / Rating: 5.2

Zach Bryan meets Chris Stapleton meets mediocre.

59. Ghost – Justin Bieber / Billboard Rank: 8 / Rating: 5.3

There’s a ghost of a good song here. Bieber is incapable of being charismatic or interesting though.

58. TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi, Sam Tompkins / Billboard Rank: 97 / Rating: 5.4

Official anthem of Dogecoin enthusiasts.

57. Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat / Billboard Rank: 68 / Rating 5.5

Are you sure I haven’t already ranked this song?

56. Ojitos Lindos – Bad Bunny, Bomba Estereo / Billboard Rank: 87 / Rating 5.5

It’s better when Bad Bunny isn’t singing.

55. Fingers Crossed – Lauren Spencer Smith / Billboard Rank: 75 / Rating 5.6

Generic. Cliched. Etc. Etc.

54. she’s all I wanna be – Tate McRae / Billboard Rank: 94 / Rating: 5.6

Got that quivery voice that’s en vogue and a propensity for spelling things with all lowercase letters. A star is born.

53. Doin’ This – Luke Combs / Billboard Rank: 71 / Rating: 5.7

Luke Combs is considered one of the better mainstream country artists if you want to know where country is right now.

52. Boyfriend – Dove Cameron / Billboard Rank: 51 / Rating: 5.7

I can never tell who artists are trying to rip off. Is this a Billie Eilish rip off? A Demi Lovato? Doja Cat?

51. Essence – Wizkid, Justin Bieber, Tems / Billboard Rank: 64 / Rating: 5.8

Is pop music getting worse or is Justin Bieber getting better? Damn, that’s depressing to think about.

50. Damn Strait – Scotty McCreery / Billboard Rank: 93 / Rating: 5.9

Straight is spelled like George Strait… GET IT?

49. ‘Til You Can’t – Cody Johnson / Billboard Rank: 34 / Rating: 6

Stock country has never sounded better… in comparison.

48. Trouble With A Heartbreak – Jason Aldean / Billboard Rank: 88 / Rating: 6

Stock country you say? You’re about to meet the master of generic, boring country. Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Aldean!

47. Sand in My Boots – Morgan Wallen / Billboard Rank: 58 / Rating: 6

It’s a little cheesy. But at least you can hear the talent here.

46. Better Days – NEIKED, Mae Muller, Polo G / Billboard Rank: 73 / Rating: 6.1

Naked Dua Lipa rip off. It was big on Tik Tok.

45. Glimpse of Us – Joji / Billboard Rank: 52 / Rating: 6.3

Unfamiliar with Joji. Bedroom pop apparently. Doesn’t matter because we’ll never see his name on the Billboard charts again.

44. Last Night Lonely – Jon Pardi  / Billboard Rank: 95 / Rating: 6.4

Strong fiddle solo in this one and really that’s all it takes it get into the top half of the chart.

43. I Like You (A Happier Song) – Post Malone and Doja Cat / Billboard Rank: 26 / Rating: 6.5

Doja Cat makes Post Malone palatable. Is there anything she can’t do?

42. One Right Now – Post Malone and The Weekend / Billboard Rank: 30 / Rating: 6.5

Two decent Post Malone songs in a row? Maybe he’s showing some growth, but I’m still not going to listen to Twelve Carat Toothache until our 2022 deep dive in 2072. Having The Weeknd doesn’t hurt either.

41. Never Say Never – Cole Swindell, Lainey Wilson / Billboard Rank: 92 / Rating: 6.4

It’s melodramatic, but the male / female hard country ballad is hard to screw up.

40. Meet Me at Our Spot – The Anxiety, WILLOW, Tyler Cole / Billboard Rank: 74 / Rating: 6.6

I’ve got a soft spot for WILLOW’s emo tendencies.

39. Big Energy – Latto / Billboard Rank: 7 / Rating: 6.7

If it didn’t crib Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club I don’t think it would have done anything. Raunchy lyrics that are pretty standard genre fare and she’s just not as much fun as Doja Cat.

38. You Right – Doja Cat, The Weeknd / Billboard Rank: 45 / Rating: 6.9 

Doja Cat being Doja Cat with a smooth Dr. Luke beat. The Weeknd adds a mostly pointless verse, but it’s The Weeknd and you’re not going to tell him no.

37. Jimmy Cooks – Drake ft. 21 Savage / Billboard Rank: 33 / Rating: 6.9 

Honestly, I don’t mind it.

36. Like I Love Country Music – Kane Brown / Billboard Rank: 85 / Rating: 7

It’s nostalgia-bait, but I do like Kane’s vocals. The music is crunchy.

35. The Kind of Love We Make – Luke Combs / Billboard Rank: 36 / Rating: 7

Cheesy, unsexy country sex jam. But the instrumentation is quite nice. Lap steel adds at least 1 point.

34. Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa / Billboard Rank: 62 / Rating: 7

A little too subtle, but it’s saucy fun.

33. Oh My God – Adele / Billboard Rank: 4 / 7.3

Not one of her best.

32. Despues de la Playa – Bad Bunny / Billboard Rank: 22 / Rating : 7.3

Lost count of how many Bad Bunny songs are on this top 100. But this is by far the best one.

31. One Mississippi – Kane Brown / Billboard Rank: 99 / Rating: 7.4

Kane Brown has spunk and I like that. This song doesn’t have a trap beat, but it’s clearly at least aware of current trends in pop music and it effectively captures that spirit without being super annoying. There’s a cool chunk’d guitar during the chorus.

30. Bam Bam – Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran / Billboard Rank: 66 / Rating: 7.5

Ed Sheeran is so out of his league it sort of makes you question reality.

29. Flower Shops – ERNEST, Morgan Wallen  / Billboard Rank: 96 / Rating: 7.5

The lap steel adds more than Morgan Wallen subtracts.

28. THAT’S WHAT I WANT – Lil Nas X / Billboard Rank: 14 / Rating: 7.5

One of the better Lil Nas X tracks from last year.

27. Good for You – Olivia Rodrigo / Billboard Rank: 31 / Rating: 7.5 (+.3)

It’s still Misery Business. But it’s pretty good. Without the 5 other Olivia Rodrigo songs charting, it stands out a little bit more.

26. Save Your Tears (Remix) – The Weeknd, Arianna Grande / Billboard Rank: 40 / Rating: 7.6

The production saves it.

25. Numb Little Bug – Em Beihold / Billboard Rank: 32 / Rating: 7.6

Sort of in the Vanessa Carlton / Michele Branch vein.

24. Sunroof – Nicky Youre, dazy / Billboard Rank: 29 / Rating: 7.7

Pretty fun little bedroom pop song. Sort of anonymous, vocals aren’t great. But it has a realness to it and a lack of trap drums.

23. Something in the Orange – Zach Bryan / Billboard Rank: 39 / Rating: 7.9

Nice to see a stripped down country song without a lot of embellishments. Bryan has a good ragged voice.

22. Break My Soul – Beyonce / Billboard Rank: 38 / Rating: 8

TBH, not my favorite Beyonce track from Renaissance. But Bey is queen.

21. Need to Know – Doja Cat / Billboard Rank: 18 / Rating: 8

The vocal melody is really close to Paranoid by Kanye West. Lyrics are filthy. It’s great.

20. I Hate U – SZA / Billboard Rank: 50 / Rating: 8

Far from the best track on the album, but SZA is certainly more talented than most of these people.

19. A Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives / Billboard Rank: 89  / Rating: 8

A lovely Christmas classic. Can’t wait to hear it 10 months from now and not a second sooner.

18. INDUSTRY BABY – Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow / Billboard Rank: 16 / Rating: 8.1

Loses some points for having Jack Harlow. But the regal fanfare of the synth work on this song is classic 00s and I dig it. Would be at least a 8.5 if it was just Lil Nas X.

17. All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift / Billboard Rank: 76 / Rating: 8.1

The song is longer than the relationship that inspired it.

16. We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Encanto Cast / Billboard Rank: 24 / Rating: 8.2

I’m a talk about it. It’s no Surface Pressure. But it’s better than 99% of the pop songs released this year.

15. You Should Probably Leave – Chris Stapleton / Billboard Rank: 79 / Rating: 8.3

Stapleton is a breath of fresh air on the country / Hot 100 charts always. The talent disparity between him and everyone else is stark. It’s a minor miracle that he’s so popular.

14. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA / Billboard Rank: 90 / Rating: 8.4

Slinky pop gem from Doja and SZA. Doja Cat’s a fun singer when she’s singing about sex (which is always).

13. Surface Pressure – Jessica Darrow (Encanto) / Billboard Rank: 53 / Rating: 8.5

Props to Disney and Lin Manuel-Miranda for changing up the usual Disney formula by incorporating reggaetón and traditional latin into the music. They still have that magic formula for reaching the kids.

12. Circles Around This Town – Maren Morris / Billboard Rank: 100 / Rating: 8.6

Glad to see Maren Morris back in the “good” side of the country music ledger because she’s got oodles of talent, but tried to go to pop. This is a good comeback.

11. Easy on Me – Adele / Billboard Rank: 4 / 8.6

Can’t deny Adele’s vocal prowess. Her albums have been pretty soppy lately. But this Bryan Adams-(Everything I Do) I Do It For You-aping number has lots of emotional depth.

10. Late Night Talking – Harry Styles / Billboard Rank: 25 / Rating: 8.6

Love those city pop synths.

8. Levitating – Dua Lipa / Billboard Rank: 42 (1 in 2021) / Rating: 8.7

The Dark Side of the Moon of pop singles. Levitating is the longest-charting song by a female artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at 77 total weeks. I’m a little sick of it, TBH.

7. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms / Billboard End of Year Rank: 86 / Rating: 8.9

It’s very similar to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, but I like Brenda’s vocals better.

7. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee / Billboard End of Year Rank: 80 (92 in 2021) / Rating: 9

Moving up 12 spots on the end of the year chart, a song from 1959!

6. All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey / Billboard End of Year Rank: 65 (78 in 2021) / Rating: 9.1 (-.2)

Loses a couple points for being BACK on the charts again this year… and every year from now until the end of time. By the year 2102 it’ll be rated 0.0 and coming in at number 100.

5. Bad Habit – Steve Lacy / Billboard Rank: 28 / 9.2

I can’t be sure, but I think I hear a real guitar on this track. Thank Tik Tok for it’s ascendence. You can hear some Miguel, Prince, Frank Ocean, Van Hunt etc. in this.

4. About Damn Time – Lizzo / Billboard Rank: 12 / 9.2

Damn fine groove that Lizzo gets here. Her lyrics are fun and playful. She’s a hoot. Killer flute solo to boot.

3. Smokin’ Out the Window – Silk Sonic / Billboard Rank: 41 / Rating: 9.2

“Not to be dramatic, but I want to die.”

2. As It Was – Harry Styles / Billboard Rank: 2 / 9.5

Legitimately a good song. It’s got the same scrappy propulsive beat made popular by The Strokes back in 2000. Most importantly, it’s not some gimmick. It’s just good.

1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush / Billboard Rank: 23 / Rating: 10

It hit the top 40 in 1985 and now it’s back thanks to Stranger Things. Kate Bush’s monumental paean to running up hills. It’s by far the best song on the year end Hot 100. Genius level composition.

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