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Tastes Like New Music Friday: April 8, 2022

It’s a major release week!



What have we done to deserve all these eagerly anticipated new releases all at once? After a slow trickle throughout March, the gates have opened. Chloe and the Next 20th Century is the first from Father John Misty since 2018. Critics are impressed with the “sumptuous” arrangements and slight reduction in snarkiness. It’s even been eagerly anticipated by all three of our TLM hosts, which is a rarity for new releases these days.

Critics are less enthused, but still intrigued, by the new Jack White record Fear of the Dawn. It’s White’s fourth full-length release, and his fifth is scheduled for July 22nd. It’s all the Jack White you could possibly want. Perhaps more.

Then you have some debuts from a couple of indie darlings. The self-titled Wet Leg album is enthralling Brit critics looking for the next big thing. Then there’s the debut from Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, You Belong There and teen sensations Linda Linda (of Racist, Sexist boy fame). Their first album Growing Up looks to establish the 14-17 year-olds as more than just a novelty internet act. Reviews are promising so far.

Lucius, who guested on at least two of the best albums of last year (Brandi Carlisle and The War on Drugs) drops their fourth studio album and first since 2016 in Second Nature.

Ryan Adams apparently released an album last month and absolutely no one noticed. There’s hardly a single review of it on the internet, except on, like, Medium. But that doesn’t count. Looks like he’s been officially forgotten about and/or cancelled. In five years he’ll be rehabilitated and ready to win Grammy.

In the more mainstream world there’s a new album from Camila Cabello, Familia. Rapper Vince Staples with RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART, Banks with Serpentina and Orville Peck with Bronco.

Finally, Alex Lifeson has a new band, Envy of None, and a new album, Envy of None.

More releases

Stereotype – Cole Swindell
The Line is a Curve – Kae Tempest
Two RibbonsLet’s Eat Grandma (DELAYED)
Whatever the Weather – Whatever the Weather
Further Joy – The Regrettes


Interpol is back. Toni is the song.

The other Cyrus’ official debut album is coming out in July and she has a fiery (GET IT?) new single out.

Can the Tik Tok star become a real life star? Does anyone who actually likes music care?


Is Carly Rae Jepsen going country? Please say yes…

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