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Tastes Like New Music Friday: March 25, 2022

One of the most popular musicians in the country is releasing an album this week and nobody cares!



A week without a major release, unless you count a season-themed EP from Weezer that came out on a Sunday. Spring, the first of four EPs from the band dropped on the vernal equinox, AKA the first day of spring (March 20th). Critics were mildly unimpressed what they heard.

As for real new releases, Placebo is back with their first album in nine years, Never Let Me Go. It doesn’t seem like the band, which is now just a duo after the departure of their drummer, has missed a beat despite a darker, less radio-friendly sound.

Metal Dave Grohl is back with a new album, this time as Dream Widow. It coincides with the Foo Fighters’ horror movie Studio 666 and allows Grohl to blow off some steam with a collection of doom metal-inspired tracks, kind of like what he did with Probot some twenty years ago.

Finally, (we told you it was a weak week) Destroyer, aka Dan Bejar, returns with LABRYNTHITIS. It’s the thirteenth solo album from the prolific New Pornographers member. It got the coveted “Best New Music” designation from Pitchfork.

Okay, one more for the road. Somehow this slipped past us, because we simply do not care. Machine Gun Kelly’s pop/punk/emo revival record Mainstream Sellout also came out today. Your mileage may vary, but critics (and the users of Album of the Year) really don’t care much for it. It is odd how little hype this album has considering Machine Gun has been all over the news and that his last album debuted atop the Billboard 100 and went Platinum. I think everyone is just tired of his shit. It was produced by Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

More releases

Warm ChrisAldous Harding
The Bear – Walter Martin
Nightclub Daydreaming – Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
Meet My Eyez, See Your Future – Denzel Curry
Tell Me That It’s Over – Wallows
Reborn – Kavinsky
Songs of the Recollection – Cowboy Junkies


Chino Mereno’s side project ††† (Crosses) looks like it’s back. They recently signed a new record deal and now comes a new song.

Fontaines D.C. has a new song out. It’s the third single from the band’s upcoming sophomore album.

Soccer Mommy will be back soon with a new album and here’s the first single. It was produced by Oneohtrix Point Never.

Friend of channel Sam Outlaw dropped a new single as he kicks off his UK tour. “Lonely Man” is a sweet 80’s country soaked ballad with some great lap steel and clavichord.

It’s getting bad when you’re talking about new music from the Sonic 2 soundtrack. But here we are. And here is Kid Cudi with Stars in the Sky.

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