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March Badness 2021

Vote: March Badness Championship Round; Boston vs. Feldman



Who will have their one shining moment?

The finals are set. Boston, No. 1 Seed from the Left Conference looked like it was finally going down to Fred Durst and the boyz from Limp Bizkit. The fans made their voices heard, giving Limp two points. But it was not to be. Boston, on a buzzer beater, with all three Listographers dissenting turned the tides and voted Life, Love & Hope the inferior album. Into the championship round they go.

In the Right Conference, two titans of terribleness, Bon Jovi and Corey Feldman faced off for their chance. This time, there would be no miracle from Jovi as their Cinderella run ends with a 5-0 shutout at the hands of Feldman.

The last two standing in Listography’s first ever March Badness Tournament with everything on the line: Boston’s Life, Love & Hope and Corey Feldman’s Angelic 2 the Core.

Both are terrible. Both are deserving winners (losers?) of the March Badness 2021 Tournament. There’s only one thing left to do.


Which Album is Worse?

  • Corey Feldman - Angelic 2 the Core (58%, 72 Votes)
  • Boston - Life, Love & Hope (42%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 125

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Robert Hardin

I cast the minority vote for Boston. one more listen (AAAAAHHHH!), and I’m convinced that Life Love & Hope is the most ironic title for an album ever! it’s lifeless, loveless, and hopeless as a record.

but speaking of ironic—I don’t buy the argument that Angelic 2 the Core is meant to be ironic. this was actually his 3rd record. I went and listened to the 1st 2 and came away with the impression that he really wants so hard to be a musician, but the thing is: he’s like the Ed Wood of album-making, and Angelic is like the Plan 9 from Outer Space of records. it’s bad, but so enthusiastically bad that it kind of makes you laugh. that’s why it hasn’t gotten my vote against Liz Phair, nor did it get my vote against Bon Jovi.

The Croft

An argument can be made that the Corey album is so bad it’s good. The same argument doesn’t fly with the Boston album, which is why it got my vote.


If you didn’t know the Corey album was from Corey, it would just be a weird stupid pop album that does have some hooks. It’s not as bad as half the albums on the list. I would have voted for the Shaggs, but it will have to be Boston for the disappointment factor. Such awful vocals. Sorry Tom Scholz, you need to try harder.

C Dub Ya

The notion that Angelic 2 the Core is so bad it’s good is off. This is a record that might be sooooo bad, it’s beyond what we comprehend good and bad can be. The entire album is offensive in its badness. Any tune on Angelic 2 the Core makes Cotton Eye Joe sound like Bohemian Rhapsody.

I also disagree w George’s take in a big way, knowing that album is from Corey Feldman does not change that it is a historic dumpster fire of a record in every conceivable way.

Each element has a gigantic flaw in some shape or form. There are practically no hooks or melodies to speak of. Some of this can be attributed to the ham-fisted production, but it’s more a general lack of talent. There is nothing ironic here either, you have a guy who really believes that what he is doing is good. Such delusion only adds to why this LP is horrible. It’s recorded so poorly there are times your ears don’t know what’s going on and when you can hear lyrics, they are some of the worst 6th grade garbage every commented to tape. Stylistically it’s a complete mess, using elements of nu metal, dubstep, and bad trance, all done to their horrific potential. The interludes and skits are the highest level cringe. The guest features are laughable at best. Corey can’t sing, he can’t dance, and after years and years he still tries to do his bad MJ impression, which has never worked. The legacy of this record has already been written and a 100 different worst record brackets wouldn’t change this outcome. Every song is an exercise in sonic torture. Angelic 2 the Core is easily, and by far the worst album of all time.

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