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March Badness 2022

March Badness 2022: Vote for the Worst Song Ever

There can only be one!



It’s all come down to this.

We’ve winnowed down a field of 32 of the worst songs ever to just two. Two very different songs that share one important facet: they suck.

They suck so bad that simply their existence is a blight; a black mark upon humanity. Songs so noxious that upon hearing them, healthy men and women have been known to spontaneously break down and collapse in tears.


If you haven’t seen the video yet, we very much recommend that you watch that before you continue.

Okay, we warned you.


In the SOTY Worst Top 40 vs. Patreon side of the bracket, it wasn’t even close as two novelty songs squared off. But at the end of the day, Ray Stevens’ jokey Ahab the Arab was no match for the jokeless disaster that is EW!

Facing off from the Online List and March Badness 2021 bracket were If You Were in Love by Boston vs. Hey Soul Sister by Train. Two songs that are terrible for very different reasons. While the audience narrowly gave the vote to Boston, 52%-48%, our hosts weren’t so sure. In what’s sure to be a controversial decision, the three came together to flip the win to Hey Soul Sister.

And then there were two. On one side, EW! By Jimmy Fallon ft. On the other, Hey Soul Sister by Train.

The vote is once again in your hands… Unless we disagree.

March Badness Championship Round

Which Song is Worse?

  • EW! by Jimmy Fallon ft. (57%, 97 Votes)
  • Hey Soul Sister by Train (43%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 170

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