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March Badness 2022

March Badness 2022: Final Four Worst Songs Ever

Every song here sucks. It’s just a matter of who sucks more.



Which song will have its one shining moment, alone at the top of a heap of songs hardly fit for human ears?

We’re now here at the Final Four of badness. Truly the cream of the crap. Only two of these songs can face off in the final. You’ll have to use every (remaining) ounce of brainpower to determine which of these songs suck more.

How did we get here?

The critical vote gave a narrow victory to Ahab the Arab by Ray Stevens over Paul Evan’s Seven Little Girls, 53% to 47%. In the Patreon picks, the unstoppable Ew! ate Dr. Bombay’s lunch with the best performance of the year so far, 76% to 24%. The Online Lists region saw a matchup of two truly hated songs, Hey Soul Sister by Train and Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue by Toby Keith. While the fan vote went to Keith, 56% to 44%, this could be a possible flip, as Hey Soul Sister seems to hold a special place in hell for our hosts. Finally, the much aligned Bon Jovi won 56% to 44% over If You Were in Love by Boston.

Watch the video to see the final results, then head to the bottom of the page to check out the winners and vote in the Final Four.

March Badness Final 4

Which Song is Worse?

  • EW! by Jimmy Fallon ft. (78%, 159 Votes)
  • Ahab the Arab by Ray Stevens (22%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 205

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Which Song is Worse?

  • If You Were in Love by Boston (52%, 107 Votes)
  • Hey Soul Sister by Train (48%, 98 Votes)

Total Voters: 205

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Harper E Harvey

Jimmy Fallon and Boston

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