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March Badness 2022

March Badness 2022: EW! by Jimmy Fallon and is the Worst Song of All-Time

Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon and for being the worst.



For once, the will of the people was not undone.

Good people of the internet, you voted loud and clear. EW! By Jimmy Fallon and was the runaway winner of the tournament, never even coming close to losing.

In the final, it faced down the Tastes Like Music critic’s choice, the reprehensible Hey Soul Sister by Train.

Kramzer and Jason were all aboard the Train train and voted accordingly.

However, Hey Soul Sister had actually lost both of its previous rounds. It was creamed by Courtesy of the Red White and Blue and If You Were in Love. Would it really be the worst song ever if it had been carried to a victory like this?

After much debate, Joe chose to side with the people. And the people chose EW!. There would be no flip here. Train was a very deserving runner-up, but the unfunniness of EW!, coupled with Jimmy Fallon’s lame call for his fans to get it onto the Billboard Hot 100 were the deciding factors.

The winner of March Badness 2022. EW! by Jimmy Fallon feat.

Behold its terribleness.

Damn, that sucks.

We’d like to thank all the voters, watchers and even the bands that made these horrible, horrible tracks.

Here’s the entire bracket. Let us know if you think EW! was a deserving champion, or if one of these other tunes grated even stronger. Of course, if you never want to hear any of these songs ever again, we understand that, too.

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